A Bright Future for the Environment

Takara Industries Co., Ltd.

Philosophy of Takara Industries

A Recycling Society

Takara Industries Co., Ltd. is advancing towards creating a society that reduces waste and recycles resources while keeping in mind the 3 ‘R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, with all employees in order to promote the foundation of a recycling-based society.

Enhance Security and Safety Efforts

Takara Industries’ mission regarding an environmental business is to consistently carry out safe measures and treatment so that customers can feel at ease while implementing proper disposal of waste and legal compliance. Being conscious of safely operating on the PDCA cycle, we are always aiming for a one rank higher "Safe-Safety."

Creating a Sustainable Environment

Unless each and every one of us are conscious and act, environmental preservation for a brighter future will not be realized. It is necessary to recognize living relationships with the environment and to change our behavior. We foster awareness of these problems and will strive daily by leading through our actions.

We are a comprehensive consultant on environmental issues.


Waste Disposal Business

Safe disposal of waste that is inevitably generated along with production activities.
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Environmental Consulting

A plenteous track record accumulated since before the adoption of renewable energy.
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Product Sales

Sales of products equipped with negative ion generation modules.
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We take consultations from waste treatment to cleaning / refractory dismantling / hazard removal work.


PCB Waste Disposal

There are grants for PCB disposal and analysis.


Hazardous residue disposal before dismantling

Fluorocarbon collection, air conditioning refrigerant collection, etc.


Asbestos Removal

From removal work to asbestos scattering prevention measures


Heavy metal detoxification treatment

Treatment of mercury and paint and cleaning of harmful substances


Contaminated Soil

From survey consulting to contaminated soil removal work


Specialized Construction

Dioxin measure construction, harmful substance removal construction, etc.

Global environment first We have a professional department that emphasizes the global environment first.

Environmental Policy

Recycling society

In order to achieve a sustainable recycling society, it is essential the entire society cooperates with their surrounding environment. To that end, group companies and the entire society must work together to create a sustainable recycling society. Big businesses have joined the recycling industry one after another.

Coexistence with the natural world

A true recycling society is born from the action of human beings in harmony with the natural world, in order to take over the rich global environment where they can live safely for the next generation. Going forward, we will expand the circle of society through recycling and aim for a "sustainable recycling society" by taking distinct action.

Efficient and economical

Takara Industries uses resources and energy efficiently and economically, and promotes a "recycle business" that leads to preservation and sustainable creation for the environment.

Conservation and creation

Takara Industries promotes a "recycling business" that leads to environmental conservation and creation.


Takara Industries will make full use of its power uniting as one.

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